Corradino Lines

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Location : Malta

The Corradino Heights overlooked the most southerly end of the Grand Harbour, and if occupied by an enemy could be used to  bombard the harbourarea.  The British were clearly aware of this threat and various options were considered including a group of four redoubts to hold the heights.

During the 1830s a Prison was built on the Heights which still stands, but no work was done on the defences.

Further plans was put forward in 1851 and then 1852. However, in 1866 the plans of Colonel Jervois were accepted for the construction of the Corradino Lines to seal off the Corradino Heights from land attack.  The wall would run from St. Paul’s Bastion on the Cottonera Lines, round French Creek and then up to the heights before heading northwards to the magazine at Raz Hanzir.

The Corradino Lines had a salient point where the wall changed direction and two emplacements for 64-pdr guns on Moncrieff disappearing mounts were built here.  There were also four platforms designed for field artillery use.  Four counter-scarp galleries were also built into the wall of the dry moat, the largest of these being opposite the two 64-pdr disappearing guns.  Smoothbore breach loading carronades were placed in some of the counterscarps to sweep the ditch with fire.

The works were completed by about 1871 but was becoming obsolete with the introduction of breech loading guns a decade later.

The UK National Archives

Early Plans

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1850 Plans

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Jervios Plan 1866

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