Elizabeth Castle

St Helier, Jersey
Posted on October 13, 2023 / 2
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Channel Islands

Elizabeth Castle is situated on a rocky outcrop immediately outside St Helier Harbour.  This is a medieval castle dating back to 1594 when the Governors of Jersey moved their residence there from Mont Orgueil.

The plan image shows the various batteries in about 1845 with smooth bore guns.  It is not believed that any significant numbers of RML guns were ever mounted in the Castle.  There is indications that two 7-inch RML guns were mounted on the Lower Keep and one of these is on display in the museum.  This would appear to have been on a garrison carriage.

In 1903 a 4.7-inch battery was built on the Lower Keep Platform.

Elizabeth Castle was a major German Defence Point during World War 2 with bunkers, gun emplacements and pillboxes.

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