Archirondel Tower

Posted on January 24, 2024 / 3
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Channel Islands

Archirondel Tower, also known as Tower 29, is a standard loop holed infantry tower with an coastal artillery built around its’ base.  Built in 1794 it is similar to many of the infantry towers except that is only has three machicolations on the upper floor, rather than four in most of the other towers.  The gun platform built around the base is similar to La Rocco in St Ouen’s Bay.

This was one of the last infantry towers built, and in a cost cutting exercise, the number of machicolations was reduced from four to three.

The battery had four barbette emplacements for heavy smoothbore guns, likely 32-pdrs by the 1840s.

In the early 1840 work began on constructing a breakwater around Saint Catherine’s Bay.  The Northern breakwater was largely completed and still stand while the South arm was abandoned when construction reached Archrondel Tower.

During World War 2 the Germans used the gun emplacements in the sea battery for machine gun emplacements.

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