Humber Submarine Mining Establishment

Paull, Hull, UK
Posted on April 14, 2023 / 12
Listing Type : Submarine Warfare
Location : England

In 1871 the War Office approved the establishment of the Humber Submarine Mining Establishment to be located just outside Fort Paull.  Authority to built the Establishment came in 1885 with work completed the following year.  The total cost of construction for the Submarine Mining Establishment was £5,409.  A pier was also required to load the mines on mine laying boats.  This pier, complete with a narrow gauge railway linked to the Submarine Mining Establishment was also completed in 1886 costing £4,877.  Two Defence Electric Lights were also constructed to help protect the minefield.

As with all Submarine Mining in the British Army at this time, the Royal Engineers were responsible for the operation of the minefield.  They were assisted by the Humber (Volunteers) Division Royal Engineers who were formed in 1886.  In 1888 the Humber Volunteer Division (Submarine Miners) based at Paull on Humber took over responsibility.  The were converted to the Militia in 1891.

In 1907 the responsibilities for Submarine Mining passed to the Royal Navy and the Militia troops then concentrated on operating and maintaining the Defence Electric Lights to support the coastal defence batteries.

On traces of the old Submarine Mining Establishment remain, and the old pier has now been lost.

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