Royal Naval Hospital

Posted on February 2, 2021 / 34
Location : Hong Kong

The first military hospital built by the British was the Royal Naval Hospital (RNH) at Wellington Barracks on Hong Kong Island operated by the Royal Naval Medical Service.  This match shed structure was built in 1841 but destroyed during a typhoon and then moved to static warships in the harbour.  In 1873 the Naval Hospital  (RNH) moved back to the site of the Seamans Hospital when it closed due to financial problems.  This site on Mount Shadwell, and and an extension on Mount Parish, is now the Ruttonjee Hospital and Wah Yan College respectively.   The Royal Naval Hospital stayed at Mount Shadwell until World War 2, after which it was briefly co-located at the civilian Queen Mary Hospital.   It then moved to the War Memorial Nursing Home, Mount Kellet Road in 1946. In 1956 the British Military Hospital absorbed the Royal Navy Medical Services when the War Memorial Nursing Hong, Mount Kellet Road on the Peak closed.

The British Military Hospital (BMH) was built between 1903 and 1907 on Borrett Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island.  It took over the responsibilities of the Royal Naval Hospital in 1956 when the RNH closed (see above).

In 1967 the BMH was moved to a new site on Wylie Road, adjacent to the Queen Elisabeth Hospital, while the original hospital was turned over to the Hong Kong Government.  The BMH on Wylie Road closed in 1996, one year before the British hand-over of Hong Kong.

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