Gough Battery

Posted on December 21, 2021 / 11
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Hong Kong

Gough Battery is situated on a spur providing covering Lei Yue Mun Channel.  The battery has a position find cell slightly up the hill above it, and on the top of this hill is Devils Peak Redoubt.  Below Gough Battery is Pottinger Battery.

In 1901 plans were drawn up for mounting two 6-inch BL Guns at this location, although initial survey had been done as early as 1898.  In 1903 the battery was completed with two 6-inch BL Mk VII guns. At this time the battery was named  Devil’s Peak Battery.

In 1907 it was decided to remove the two 6-inch guns and replace them with a single 9.2-inch guns.  It would appear that the 9.2-inch gun was finally installed in 1911, although it had been approved in about 1909.  In 1936 this 9.2-inch gun was relocated to Stanley Battery.

The Battery was never rearmed.

The National Archives.

  • WO 78/4140
  • WO 78/6009
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