Tower 5

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Channel Islands

Tower 5 is a standard Conway tower at L,Ancresse.  One of fifteen infantry towers built between 1778 and 1779.  It was modified further during the German Occupation.

Like other towers in Guernsey it has no machicolations on the roof level.

Nid L’Herbe Battery is located just to the front of Tower 5.

Plans indicate that the Infantry Towers were built with three floors.

  • The first storey had a wooden floor, entrance doorway and eleven loopholes.
  • The second story had a wooden floor, sleeping accommodation and twelve loopholes.
  • The roof or cover was accessed through a central hatchway and provided additional firing positions over a parapet.

When built the infantry towers had no artillery on the roof but from 1803, the towers had their roofs strengthened and a 12-pdr SB carronades were mounted.

By 1833 there was an intention to upgrade these to 18-pdr carronades on the small towers in Jersey.

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