Petit Bot Tower

Posted on February 14, 2024 / 10
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Channel Islands

Petit Bot Tower, Tower 13,  was built to protect the sandy beach immediately to the front.  This is a standard Conway Guernsey Infantry Tower with loopholes but no machicolations.

Plans indicate that the Infantry Towers were built with three floors.

  • The first storey had a wooden floor, entrance doorway and eleven loopholes.
  • The second story had a wooden floor, sleeping accommodation and twelve loopholes.
  • The roof or cover was accessed through a central hatchway and provided additional firing positions over a parapet.

When built the infantry towers had no artillery on the roof but from 1803, the towers had their roofs strengthened and a 12-pdr SB carronades were mounted.  By 1833 there was an intention to upgrade these to 18-pdr carronades on the small towers in Jersey.

A single gun on a traversing carriage was mounted to the right front of the Tower 13, covering the breach, by 1841.  This was probably a 24-pdr SB.  The gun emplacement and Tower were surround by a palisade or wall.

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