Fort Mont Crevelt

Posted on October 16, 2023 / 8
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Channel Islands

Fort Mont Crevelt was first used the position for a watch tower as early as 1680.  In 1778 construction of one of fifteen towers to be built on Guernsey  commenced.  This tower with loopholes still stands at the north end of the small fort.  Together with Vale Casle, Fort Mont Crevelt provided coastal defence for the Braye and St Sampson’s.

In 1803 the battery was armed with five 24-pdr SB guns.

In 1842 the costal battery was upgraded to a single 64-pdr  (Monks, assumed not to be RML) and four 32-pdr SB.

In 1854 Fort Mont Crevelt was primarily used as officers quarters.  A dry ditch with drawbridge was built at the Fort.

In 1899 Fort Mont Crevelt was decommissioned and sold.

During World War 2 the German Occupation Forces designated this as Strongpoint Widerstandsnest Krevelberg with a 10.5cm gun, two 4.7cm anti-tank guns, one heavy machine gun, and two AA guns.

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