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Listing Type : Naval Port or Anchorage
Location : Channel Islands

Guernsey, along with Alderney and Jersey was one of the three Channel Islands considered as a Harbour of Refuge for the Royal Navy in 1850.

The intention was to have a secure anchorage for the Royal Navy to position a fleet in the event of war with France.  In the end Alderney was chosen as the location to build this Harbour of Refuge, although some work was carried out to built a breakwater at St Catherine’s Bay in Jersey.  Nevertheless, Guernsey had a number of fortifications which were improved or built between 1840 and 1850.

The coastal fortifications built around the Island were nearly armed with Smooth Bore artillery, primarily 24-pdr and 32-pdr.  There was plans to introduced some 9-inch and 10-inch RML guns to cover the main harbour but nothing came of this.

‘S’ Boundary Stones have been located at a number of coastal defence batteries.  It is believed that the ‘S’ was for States and that these boundary markers were installed by the States Government as they owned the land used for the forts and batteries.  For more on these Boundary Stones see HERE.

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