West Place of Arms

Posted on November 15, 2020 / 68
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Gibraltar

The West Place of Arms  originally included a caponier which projected to the North from the end of the face but this has now been lost.  Guns on the ramparts partially covered the northern approaches to Grand Battery and some looked out over the northern aspect of the Old Mole.

Return for 1859 show that the following guns were mounted at West Place of Arms:

  • Ten 32-pdr SB guns
  • Two 8-inch Howitzers

By 1886 the armament had been upgraded to:

  • Five 64/32-pdr RML guns on Garrison Standing Carriages
  • Five 32-pdr SB gun
  • Two 8-inch SB Howitzers of 22-cwt

There are World War 2 infantry positions on the ramparts.


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