West Battery

Posted on December 20, 2020 / 176
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

This battery was built over the old G and H Emplacements and is orientated to the South West covering the entrance to Gibraltar Bay.  It would primarily be tasked to engage naval targets.

In 1886 work started on a new battery for two 9.2-ins BL Guns.  By 1892 the two 9.2-inch Mark IV guns on Mark I barbette mounts were installed.  In 1907 the guns were upgraded to 9.2-inch Mark 10 guns on Mark V mountings.

The battery was replaced by a three gun 5.25-ins dual purpose guns in 1950 with the old pits used for two of these guns. The extra emplacement on the east of the battery came from this time. The underground works, including shelters and magazines were underneath the guns and were heavily modified in 1950.

The Battery remains in a good condition, including the underground works although mainly from later periods.

The other 9.2-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:

National Archives References:

  1. WO 78/4004.
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