Wellington Front

Posted on November 15, 2020 / 23
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Wellington Front was one of the major improvements recommended in the report by Major General John Jones in 1840.   The new section of wall with two demi-bastions jointed by a Central Front originally abutted the sea.  Built with embrasures for some fifteen guns, with at least one arms shed and three strong traverses.  A further small magazine, called the Regimental Magazine and another arms shed were built in the gorge.

In 1859 Wellington Front had the following guns:

  • Seven  68-pdr guns
  • Four  32-pdr of 42cwt
  • Four 8-inch SB guns

By 1886 the armament had changed as follows:

  • Four 8ins SB, presumably the ones shown in 1859
  • One 12.5-ins RML which was located in a new Iron Shield Position, Northern Dem-Bastion in 1879. The configuration of this gun is very similar to Alexandra Battery with a solid iron face and fixed ports to fire through
  • Three 10-ins RML guns on the Central Front between the two demi-bastions
  • One 64/32-pdr RML (garrison standing)
  • Two 32-pdr SB (garrison Standing)
  • Three 64/32-pdr RML (garrison standing)
  • Two 32-pdr SB (garrison standing)

The other 12.5-inch RML guns in Gibraltar were at the following locations.

King’s Bastion, Princess Alexandra Battery, Wellington Front and Zoca Flank had the 12.5-inch gun mounted behind a curved iron shield with two apertures for firing.

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