Victualling Yard

Posted on December 10, 2020 / 141
Location : Gibraltar

The original victualling yards was originally situated close to the South (Admiralty) Mole, but damage during the Great Siege forced a move to Rosia Bay.

In 1799, while residing at Rosia Parade in Gibraltar, John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent, Admiral in Charge of the Mediterranean Fleet, recommended that the Royal Navy Victualling Yard be relocated to the Rosia Bay area, just south of the New Mole. In addition to access to the bay, the site had the advantage of the protection afforded by Parson’s Lodge Battery. It had the further advantage of being out of range of enemy gunfire from the North Front. Construction of the Rosia Water Tanks began in 1799 and was completed in 1804 by contractor John Maria Boschetti. The entire Victualling Yard complex at Rosia Bay was completed by 1812. It formed part of the Royal Navy base and contained stores of food, water, and clothing in sufficient quantities for a large fleet. The Rosia Mole was the berthing place for the Royal Navy vessels seeking provisions and water from the Victualling Yard complex; it also held coal for the garrison.

The roof of the yard is designed to collect water and there was a large water catchment and water tank to the north of the main building.  Unfortunately, a large block of flats was built over the water tanks and catchment.  One of the better surviving examples is the victualling yard and dockyard at English Harbour in Antigua.



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