Upper Union Gallery

Posted on December 26, 2020 / 79
Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

This Gallery can be entered from Lower Union Gallery or from Willis Plateau.  The Current visit to the Great Siege Tunnels also passes close to the east end of the gallery.  The Upper Union Gallery leads into Queens Gallery and Willis’s Gallery.

Built in 1788 this was part of the Lower Galleries.

In 1859 the Upper Union Gallery had 8 x 24 lbs guns in the embrasures.

By 1886 these 24-pdr guns had been replaced by 7 x 64/32 lbs RML guns.

In 1905 two 12 pounder Quick Fire Guns were mounted in the Upper Union Gallery.  This are believed to have been moved from Buena Vista Battery.  It is believed that these were mounted in Gun Position VII and VII as plans show they were adjacent to Position VI. (WO 192/15).  None of the original mounts or tie downs for this battery could be located.

It is apparent that there was considerable activity in these tunnels during WW2.  There are engine beds in the various positions, water tanks, sinks and cooking ranges.

The other 12-pdr 18-cwt gun batteries in Gibraltar were at:

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