Signal Hill Battery

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Signal Hill Battery

As with the Rock Batteries, the top of Signal Hill is now confused with recent and considerable World War 2 building in the area.  This site is now a major tourist attraction and the terminus of the Rock Cable Car.

At 1,200 feet Signal Hill Battery (Signal House Battery) lies near to the top of the old Moorish Wall.

In 1859 Signal Hill Battery is show as mounting a total of nine guns, distributed between the Upper and Lower Battery.

  • Two 32-pdr guns at Upper Battery
  • Three 24-pdr guns at Lower Battery
  • Three 6-pdr guns
  • One 12-pdr gun

By 1886 the total number of guns has been reduced to five guns. The Upper Battery is shown on maps as having two emplacements, so it is suspected that the two 64/32-pdr RML wee mounted here.

  • Two 64/32-pdr RML (garrison standing)
  • Three 32-pdr SB

In January 1892 a single 6-inch Q.F. Breech Loading gun on a Vavasseur centre pivot mounting was installed in the more northerly position.  In 1901 it was recommended that four 6-inch guns be mounted here, two to fire on targets in the Mediterranean and two on targets in Spain.  It appears that this was reduced to only two guns, the one installed in 1892 and another gun position just to the south with a Direction Finder in the centre.

In 1901 two 12-pdr 12-cwt Quick Fire gun were mounted on the cliff edge to cover the beaches and approaches to the East.  These guns each had a QF Mark 1, 32-degree depression mounting to allow them to engage targets below.  The battery was stood down in 1907.

Traces of all the batteries can still be found, but during World War 2 the QF gun pit were converted to pillboxes and two 3-inch Anti-Aircraft gun were mounted in the old 6-inch gun pits.  A 40-mm Bofors was also mounted near to the Upper Battery.

It should be note that Upper Battery was later used as the generic name for the three 9.2-inch batteries at Spur, O’Hara’s and Lord Airey’s.

The other 6-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:

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