Saluting Battery

Posted on January 1, 2021 / 24
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Gibraltar

The battery lay between Ragged Staff Bastion and North Jumper’s Bastion.  The New Saluting Battery (Victoria Battery) was had some twenty-four embrasures.  The guns followed a line along the current Line Wall, roughly following the Rosia Main Road.  This row of guns, covering the central harbour area, stretched from Ragged Staff Demi-Bastion southward to North Jumpers Bastion.

In 1859 the Battery mounted:

  • twenty-one 24-pdr guns.

In 1886 the battery mounted:

  • twenty-two 24-pdr SB guns.

The Saluting Battery was subsequently moved to the old Gardiner’s Battery (destroyed), one of the Retired Batteries.  It was then moved to the roof of King’s Bastion and then to the old 12-pdr Quick-Fire Battery adjacent to Devil’s Gap Battery.

The original wall and two small buildings remain of the original Saluting battery, believed to be a magazine and arms shed, beside the Rosia Main Road.

Painted image – The Saluting Battery, Line Wall, Gibraltar. Colour lithograph by Thomas Colman Dibdin after J. M. Carter, 1846

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