Rock Batteries

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Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

The layout on the top of the Rock at 1330 feet (405 metres) is complex as it has been built over many times.  The earlier batteries were@

Royal Battery 

This was one of the earlier Upper Rock Batteries to be established.

For much of the 19th Century the battery was armed with two 32 pounder guns, in 1886 these were identified as being Smoothbores of 56-cwt.

The two embrasures of this battery are still apparent, but in later years it was identified as an Observation Post


  • Two 32-pdr guns


  • Two 32-pdr SB 56-cwt guns


Rock Battery (Gun) Formerly Rock Guard Battery.


  • Two 32-pdr guns


  • 2x32lbs SB 56-cwt


Levant  Battery (Not to be confused with later 9.2-inch battery on the south end of the Upper Rock)


  • Three 32-pdr guns
  • One 13-ins Mortar. This was the Rock Mortar


  • Two 32-pdr SB 56-cwt
  • One 13-ins LS Mortar. This was the Rock Mortar


The Breech Loading Batteries were:


 Royal Battery


One 6-inch Mark VII BL gun mounted in January 1892 on a Vavasseur centre pivot mounting.  Images show this gun to be mounted on a concrete platform with no cover.


Rock I (1350 ft) and Rock 2 (1326 ft) Batteries


Each a single 6-inch BL gun


Rock Battery (1355ft)


In 1904 a single 9.2-inch Mark IX gun on a Mark IV mount in a barbette position. Called the Rock Gun at this time.  The gun barrel is possibly still on site.

The other 9.2-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:

The other 6-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:


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