Ragged Staff

Posted on January 9, 2021 / 22
Listing Type : Defence Line
Location : Gibraltar

Ragged Staff Flank & Guard

This demi-bastion is located opposite South Bastion and continues the defence wall in a southerly direction towards New Mole and Rosia.  It comprises a Guard House covering Ragged Staff Gate and a flank bastion covering the defence wall running south.  There was a spiral staircase leading from the inside of the gate up to the Ragged Staff Guard.  The gateway in the walls also gave access to Ragged Staff Wharf which was used for the transportation of ordinance and ammunition.

The Ragged Staff Flank Bastion is now used by the electric company, but the south facing embrasures can still be seen. This were concreted over in World War 2 to convert them into pillboxes.

Ragged Staff Line Wall Flank mounted the following guns:


  • Four 68-pdrs
  • Two 8-inch


  • Three 64/32-pdr RML on wooden traversing carriages.

In 1859 there is also a single 68-pdr gun mounted on Ragged Staff Head, which is assumed to be the head of the Wharf.

The area between Ragged Staff and South Bastion was used to store artillery pieces and shells.  Photographs show the old dry moat filled with stacks of cannon balls and shells.

1870s image of the Ragged Staff Gate area from Neville Chipulina, see https://gibraltar-intro.blogspot.com/2013/06/ragged-staff-gates-hope-they-hang.html


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