Queens Gallery

Posted on March 15, 2021 / 5
Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Somewhat confusingly there are two sections of tunnels named Queen’s Gallery.  The first and more substantial is Queen’s Gallery built in 1787 that runs immediately behind the Queen’s Lines and on from the King’s Gallery in the Lower Lines.  Queen’s Gallery, Lower Lines was split into three sections and signs can still be seen on the tunnel walls.

  • Queen’s Gallery East
  • Queen’s Gallery South West
  • Queen’s Lines East Gallery

The second Queen’s Gallery which we are dealing with here, lies below the Willis’s Plateau and joins with the Upper Union Gallery.  This was built in 1789 as part of the Middle Galleries.  There are nine gun embrasures in the Queen’s Gallery.

In 1859 the Queen’s Gallery mounted the following guns:

  • Six 24-pdr

In 1886 the Queen’s Gallery is shown as mounting:

  • Two 24-pdr Carronades
  • Six 64/32lbs RML
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