Princess Royal Battery

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Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Princess Royal Battery was initially called Queen Anne’s or Queen’s Battery and mounted some twelve guns.   The battery was laid out in a typical fan shape with:

  • nine 24-pdrs (1834-1859)
  • two 7-inch RBLS and seven 32-pdr in 1863
  • five 64-pdr RMLs in 1885
  • three 64-pdr RML by 1889.

In 1886 it was proposed to mount a 6-inch BL Mark IV gun here and In 1901, approval was given for two 6-inch (152 mm) guns to be mounted at Princess Royal’s Battery. One emplacement was to have a range of 6,000 yards (5,500 m), to bear on the enemy’s land batteries. The other was to have double the range, 12,000 yards (11,000 m), to target vessels in the Mediterranean. On 21 July 1902, work began on a 6-inch breech loading Mark VII gun. By November 1903, a single 6-inch BL Mark VII gun had been mounted with work completed by 24 May 1904.

In December 1915, a replacement 6-inch breech loading Mark VII gun was mounted in the battery and remained until the 1920s.  There is only one-gun pit at this location, so it is assumed the second 6-inch gun was never installed.  The battery features subterranean, bombproof storage areas for shells and cartridges with shell hoists and crew shelters.

Princess Royal’s Battery is protected as a listed building under the Gibraltar Heritage Trust Act 1989.

During World War 2 a 40-mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft gun was mounted here.

The other 6-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:


The UK National Archives Reference Numbers

  1. WO 78/4271
  2. WO 78/5287


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