OHaras Battery

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Both Lord Aireys and O’Hara’s Batteries started as 6-ins BL Guns on Vavasseur Central Pivot Mountings. They were subsequently up-gunned to 9.2-ins guns, both of which remain in place. The Engine Room and underground works are also open to the public.

The Battery was named after Field Marshal James O’Hara, a former Governor of Gibraltar.  The gun was mounted on the site of the old O’Hara’s Tower, which was demolished in 1888.  In 1890 a 6-inch BL gun on a Vavasseur centre pivot mounting was installed.

In 1901 the 6-inch gun was replaced by a 9.2-inch Mark IX BL gun on a Mark V mounting.  At this time the gun had a range of 14,000 yards but this was to be increased over the years to 29,000 yards with a Mark X gun on a Mark VII mounting.

The battery was in use during World War II and was last fired during training exercises in 1976.

Together with Spur Battery and Lord Airey’s Battery the gun remained active until 1976, well after the 1956 cut off for most coastal artillery.

One of the three 9.2-inch gun batteries making up Upper Battery.  A counter-bombardment role.

The other 9.2-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:

The UK National Archives references:

  1. WO 78/2739
  2. WO 32/6373
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