Moorish Castle

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Listing Type : Land Fort
Location : Gibraltar

The Moorish Castle was originally built about 1160, possibly earlier.  The main tower (Tower of Homage) sits on the hillside with a crenelated wall running down the hill to Grand Battery. It was along this wall that the Castle Batteries were built by the British.

On the East side of the castle enceinte there was a large gate which was later used by the British as a Magazine.  (See image). Return dated 18th January 1888 shows this magazine as holding 4,462 barrels of powder in this Army Magazine.

Jones Battery was later built on the western fringes of the Castle walls.

This is a block of Married Quarters situated in the Moorish Castle, which are now used for housing.  The date of construction is not know, but the building appears on maps towards the end on the 19th Century.  On later maps (1896) this building is shown as the Soldiers Quarters, with the Soldiers Quarters, Middle Block immediately to the front.

A position just below Jones Battery was used for a Defence Electric Light in 1899.  Plans exist from this time that show this is the No.13 D.E.L. Emplacement.  The searchlight position is just below the old Jones Battery and what is shown as the F.O. Quarters Number 1.  The light had a 130-degree arc out over the town to the west. It was shown on plan as being a concentrated movable light, with the main arc covering the Old Mole and North Mole areas.

There was also a WWII Defence Electric Light position here, before it was moved to a higher position later.

The UK National Archives

  1. MR 78/4458
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