Kings Line Battery

Posted on January 17, 2021 / 24
Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

The King’s Lines  Battery

The King’s Lines  Battery was a barbette gun position facing west and north west across the Inundation in front of Grand Battery.  The guns in this battery could provide flanking fire against anyone attacking Grand Battery and well as direct fire along the front of the Norther Lines.

1859 returns show the following armament:

  • Two 24-pdr SB guns
  • One 24-pdr 24lbs

By 1886 we have:

  • One 8-ins smooth bore Howitzer
  • Two 32-pdr SB guns

At the rear of the battery is a set of stairs that go down to a casemated position.

King’s Lines Place of Arms Casemates

This is presently a two gun position originally known as King’s Lines Place of Arms Casemates.

Return for 1859  show seven 24-pdr guns in this position, and we must therefore assume that the two casemates were built at some date after this.

The 1886 return shows two 32-pdr smooth bore guns, we assume these are in new casemates.


During World War 2 a Pillbox was been built on the North West Corner of the position and there is an anti-tank gun emplacement/bunker at the base of the position.

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