Jones Battery

Posted on January 1, 2021 / 24
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Jones Battery – Retired Battery

This was the first built of the three Retired Batteries in the Town Area that had been recommended by General Jones in his 1841 Report and is named after him.  Within a decade the battery was regarded as redundant because the Castle wall to the rear of the battery acted as a shell trap.

  • 1842 mounted ten 32-pdr guns
  • 1859 it mounted ten 68-pdr guns.
  • 1863 this battery had been changed to a mixed battery, like Gardiners Battery, four 68-pdr and four 7-inch RBL guns.
  • 1885 to 1889 these eight guns were replaced by four 64-pdr RMLs on dwarf traversing carriages.

The Battery is still clearly defined although there is lots of encroaching development.

The other Retired Batteries in the City area were:

Jones Battery 

Civil Hospital Battery 

Ragland Battery 

Gardiner’s Battery   

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