Governors Lookout Battery

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Listing Type : Land Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Governor’s Lookout Battery is a 9.2ins Battery located on the Northern Face of the Rock, primarily intended to engage land targets in Spain.  During the great Siege (1779 to 1783) it was used as an observation post.

Governors Lookout Battery was initially armed with a single 9-inch RML.  This RML gun was replaced by  a 9.2 inch gun Mark IV Breech Loader (BL) mounted on an Elswick Ordnance Company (EOC) Barbette mounting in about 1891.  Work commenced on the battery on 29th July 1904 and it was completed on 15th September 1905 mounting a 9.2-inch Mark X gun on a Mark V mounting.  The Underground works included a magazine, a cartridge store for 960 rounds (half charge) and 450 shells.  There was an adjacent crew shelter for 25 men, a WO’s shelter for 12 men and an officer’s shelter.  There was also the usual lamp room and artillery store.

The battery remains in good condition and is now used by the Scouts.

There were also plans in 1904 to mount four 9.2-inch guns in pits on High Angle Fire Mounts nearby.  It is still possible to see four pits in the locality which may have been the groundwork for this never completed battery.  A similar High Angle Fire Battery had been suggested for Victoria Battery, but this also was never carried out.

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UK National Archives Records

  1. WO 7832/6373
  2. WO 78/3862
  3. WO 78/3865
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