Genista Battery

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Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

Genista Battey is named after Cap Broome, Gov of Military Prisonon this site, although the word Genista is Latin for Broom shrub growing around this location.

Genista Battery was formerly the B Emplacement on Windmill Hill and was armed with a 70-pdr RML in 1875 and is shown in 1886 as having one 7-ins RBL.

Genista Battery was authorised for new armament in 1888 and work commenced in 1889. The intention was to mount three 6-ins BL Mark VII QF guns on central Pivoting Barbette Mountings. Initially this was intended as a practice battery, although with a range of 6,000 yards it was also able to engage land targets across the bay near Algeciras. For most of its’ service the battery had only two 6-ins guns and there seems to have been uncertainty about which of the three positions should be occupied.

The battery is now all but buried, although the glacis can be seen.  The magazines, crew rooms and associated underground building are now buried.

During World War 2, some Z Battery (2-inch UPs) Launchers which mounted adjacent to the battery.

National Archives plans, (WO 192/174) shows the battery with two guns.   According to the battery book there were two 6-inch Mark. VII gun on Mark II Mountings in the battery.  The primary role was to engage sea targets and the secondary role to engage land targets across the bay.  The Battery Range Finder was a DRF Mark V.  The Battery had two fighting lights, with the engine room at Bleak House (Europa).  The searchlight Directing Station was on top of the BCP which has now been lost.

The other 6-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:

The UK National Archives references

  1. WO 78/3863
  2. WO 78/4003
  3. WO 32/6373
  4. WO 192/174
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