Edward VII Battery

Posted on December 20, 2020 / 162
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Gibraltar

This area of Windmill Hill was originally known as Fuze House and a small battery was located here as well as barrack accommodation. The battery covers Gibraltar Bay, the approaches to the harbour and land targets around Algeciras.  This was probably the old Windmill Hill Battery C and D.  Work was carried out on building the new battery between 1900 and 1901 and the new battery mounted two 9.2-inch Mark X guns on Mount V mountings.  The Magazine lay underground between the two-gun pits.  Photographs from 1904 show both guns have only a simple frontal shield.

Immediately to the North of this site was the 6-inch Genista Battery.

The guns were removed in 1928.  The Battery has been largely back filled and lost but the top of the two-gun emplacements can still be seen.


The other 9.2-inch Batteries in Gibraltar are:


The UK National Archives:

  1. WO 78/4447
  2. WO 78/3857
  3. WO 32/6373
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