Angel Position Finding Cell

Posted on January 24, 2021 / 13
Listing Type : Observation
Location : Gibraltar

Angel Position Finding Station

Angle Position Finding Station was built between the 11th of December 1895 and 30th of September 1897.  This group of nine Position Finding Cells were constructed roughly on the 300-foot contour line at a cost of £356.   Cell 9 was a later addition to this Station.

When built the cells were allocated to the following batteries:

  • Cell 1: Genista Battery (A) 1 x 6-inch gun
  • Cell 2: Genista Battery (B) 1 x 6-inch gun
  • Cell 3: Jews Cemetery 1 x 9.2-inch gun
  • Cell 4: West Battery 2 x 9.2-inch guns
  • Cell 5: O’Hara’s 1×9.2-inch gun
  • Cell 6: Hutments 1 x 9.2-inch gun
  • Cell 7: Lord Aireys’ 1 x 9.2-inch gun
  • Cell 8: Fire Control IV
  • Cell 9: Breakneck Battery 1 x 9.2-inch gun

Notes indicate that this Station included Cave 1 P.F. Cell, further round on the east side.   This specific cell was built between 8th February 1904 and 2nd September 1904 at a cost of £157.

Three cells (Cells 7-9) were located on the south side of the road, while six were located on the north side.  The three cells on the south side have all be destroyed but traces can still be seen.

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