Fort Camden

Cork, Ireland
Posted on August 12, 2021 / 16
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Ireland

Fort Camden was built between 1862 and 1874 on the opposite headland to Fort Carlisle.  These two forts were intended to protect the entrance to Cork Harbour.

Fort Camden not only had coastal defence batteries but that land approaches were covered by a ditch 40 feet deep and 28 feet wide. The terreplein on the landward side had no gun emplacements, being designed for movable armaments (20-pdr RBL) to be used here.  There was a single double caponier.

By 1886 Fort Camden had the following armament:

  • Seven 10-inch RML gun
  • Six 7-inch RML guns (Three in Moncrieff Pits)
  • Four 40-pdr RBL
  • Two 10-inch SB mortar
  • Two 64-pdr RML for practice purposes

By 1892 there were plans to mount both 9.2-inch and 6-inch guns in Fort Camden, but all that was mounted was:

  • Seven 10-inch RML gun
  • Four 40-pdr RBL
  • Three 6-pdr QF (minefield defence)
  • Four 32-pdr SBBL in the caponier


By 1905 two 6-inch Mark VII BL guns had been mounted and a total of five 12-pdr QF guns.

Between 1871 and 1887  a Submarine Mining Station was built at Fort Camden with a dedicated pier.

In 1898 a Brennan Torpedo Station was built at Fort Camden, with a second slipway being added.


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