Le Fort d’ Anosiravo

Diego Suarez, Madagascar
Posted on October 30, 2021 / 3
Listing Type : Observation
Location : Madagascar

Le Fort d’ Anosiravo (Fort Ansoriavo) was developed before most of the coastal defence batteries were built.  The Fort d’ Anosiravo and disciplinary barracks were built in 1895.  The complex included an optical telegraph signalling station, the disciplinary camp and a stone redoubt (Ouverage F).  The whole complex is located at about 450 metres and gives panoramic views over the much of Diego Suarez.  The general area is known as French Mountain.

The Fort d’ Ansoiravo is now heavily overgrown, but it is still possible to trace much of the outer ramparts and entry is through a rock cut tunnel.

The disciplinary camp is now a ruin, but walls and walkways can still be seen.  Although Ouverage F was located here, the building of this was more of an exercise to keep troops from the disciplinary barracks gainfully employed than a defence position.

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