Cork Barracks

Collins Barracks, Old Youghal Road, The Glen, Cork, Ireland
Posted on November 9, 2021 / 7
Location : Ireland

The original British Garrison for Cork County was based at Elisabeth Fort.  In 1801 work commenced on a new barracks in Cork.  The work on Cork Barracks was not completed until 1806 and covered some 38 acres with accommodation for 1,150 soldiers and stables for 232 horses. In 1852 a hospital and gymnasium were added to the facilities at Cork Barracks.  By 1912 the barracks could hold just under 1,500 soldiers including some married quarters,

With the expansion of the British Empire, Cork Barracks was often used as a staging point for troops being deployed overseas or as a rest and recreation location.  Cork Barracks were renamed Victoria Barracks in 1901 with the death of the queen.

On the 18th May 1922 Victoria Barracks were handed over to the new Irish Government who renamed them Collins Barracks.  However many of the builds were burned down on the 10th August 1922 during continued unrest.  The Irish Government however decided to restore barracks which has since been used as the headquarters of the First Southern Division.  The Collins Barracks now houses an interesting Military Museum.

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