Cloch Point Battery

Clydebank, UK
Posted on April 2, 2023 / 20
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Scotland

Cloch Point Battery was built between 1915 and 1916 to mount two 6-inch Mark VII guns that were transferred from Portkil Battery.  With the removal of these gun this left Portkil Battery with two 4.7-inch QF guns.

In 1905 the Owen Report had designated Clydebank as a Class C port and it did not therefore need 9.2-inch guns.  The single 9.2-inch gun at Ardhallow Battery, opposite Clock Point was therefore removed.  At this time consideration was given for a battery at Cloch Point.

Cloch Point Battery, unlike  Ardhallow Battery (built 1901-05), was built during the First World War. Plans for the battery were drawn up in 1899-1905 and the land was actually purchased, at what seems a very high price of £13,050 – about £750,000 at modern prices.  The land was then sold back to the original owner, from whom it was re-purchased in 1915. The construction was undertaken by Messrs J & D Meikle of Ayr, but their problems in getting labour resulted in much of the work being done by Royal Engineers and seconded infantry.  It was not until 1915, when a boom was built across the Clyde between Clock Point and Dunoon. that it was decided to build this battery so that it could cover the boom.

The Fort Record Book states that the two guns mounted at Cloch Point Battery were moved from Portkil Battery in September 1916. The Battery Control Post and the magazine were built in 1917. The guns were both replaced in 1924 and were equipped with new shields in 1931. The mounting and replacement of the guns, and the replacement of the shields, are described in detail in the Fort Record Book (with many photographs of the last operation).

Plans dated 1916 exist for two Defence Electric Lights but the remains of three have been identified on the site. It is not known when the third searchlight was added.  They first two at least were built by 1917.

The site has been developed as a caravan park and only traces of the original battery can still be found.

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