Ardhallow Battery

Ardhallow, Dunoon, UK
Posted on November 7, 2021 / 5
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Scotland

The land for Ardhallow Battery was purchased from a John Samuel Cox on 2nd September 1899.  The site was a total of twenty two acres and thirty six pooles.  Construction of Ardhallow Battery commenced on 18th February 1901 with work done by a local contractor, Aitkenhead & Sons. In 1904 Number 21 and 22 Companies of the Royal Garrison Artillery (from Leith Fort)  installed the two 6-inch Mark VII guns and a single 9.2-inch Mark I gun.  Ardhallow Battery was completed on 30th October 1905.  The guns were test fired on 2nd November 1905 with damage caused to local houses below the battery.

On 18th December 1905 one acre, two roods and thirty nine poles of land on Glengar Hill was purchased for a Position Finding Station.  In 1906 the 9.2-inch gun was withdrawn from armament and the PF Station was never built.  The 9.2-inch gun was sent to Woolwich via Greenock on 26th December 1911. The BCP was then built behind the A1 6-inch gun.

In 1907 three houses were purchased to expand the battery accommodation, Ballarruajch, Woodbine and Underwood.

In 1917 the A2 gun emplacement was modified to increase its’ field of fire to cover land targets with a 324 degree arc of fire.

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