Three Anchor Bay Battery

Posted on April 3, 2022 / 19
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : South Africa

Plans from 1806 shows that there were two separate batteries at Three Anchor Bay. The most westerly position was ‘L’ shaped with four guns, while to the east there was another position with emplacements for three guns (TNA MPH 1/695).

In 1878 the defences of Cape Town included some seventy smooth bore guns.  In 1878 the Colonial Defence Committee made recommendations which resulted in the Royal Commission recommending a new battery at Three Anchor Bay.  The suggestion was that this new battery mounted three 10.4-inch BL guns.  By 1886 cost concerns had arisen, but by 1886 it was recommend that Three Anchor Bay battery mount a single 7-inch RML gun.  It was also recommended that a new site above Three Anchor Bay be armed with two 9.2-inch BL guns (Green Point Battery).

By June 1887 it was confirmed Three Anchor Bay Battery would have a single 7-inch RML gun and Green Point Battery two 7-inch RML guns.

In August 1888 the plans for Three Anchor Bay Battery were approved.  The Battery was built between 1st April 1889 and 21st October 1890 by unskilled convict labour.  The use of this convict labour reduced cost of  building from £2,166 to £970. Plans of the Battery show a single gun emplacement show a built up emplacement with underground (cut and cover) Artillery, Shell and Cartridge Stores. (TNA WO 78/4296)

In 1891 plans show that temporary barracks were built on the south side of the battery, running off Three Anchor Bay Road (TNA MPHH 1/527).  This was on land that made up part of the old Dutch/British battery shown in the 1806 plans (see above).

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