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Craig’s Tower Battery was renamed in 1887 as Craig’s Battery.

In 1878 the Colonial Defence Committee made no recommendations in respect of Craig’s Tower Battery.  It was the report of the Royal Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Defence of British Possessions and Commerce Abroad  in 1882 that recommended,  three 10.4-inch BL guns and three 7-inch RML guns for Craig’s Battery.  However, nothing was done immediately because of a dispute about who should pay for the works.  As an interim, 7-inch RML guns and 64-pdr RML guns were placed in temporary position at Craig’s Battery.

In 1887 the armament for Craig’s Battery was recommended as two 9.2-inch BL gun and two 7-inch RML guns, but this was later reduced to a single 9.2-inch gun.  The ‘spare’ 9.2-inch gun was to be used at Sea Point Battery.    However, following intervention by the General Office Commanding at the Cape, this decision was reversed.  Craig’s Battery would have two 9.2-inch gun and Sea Point Battery a single 9.2-inch gun.  Work commenced on building Craig’s Battery on 1st July 1887 and the battery was completed on the 20th October 1895.  The total cost of the work was £7,051.

The completed battery had five guns, two 9.2-inch guns in the centre (Number 2 & 3 guns), and on their left flank two 4.7-inch Quick Fire Battery Number 4& 5 guns.  It would appear that a single 7-inch RML emplacement was built on the right of the battery (Number 1 Emplacement). A decision was made during construction that this original 7-inch RML emplacement should be dismantled.  (WO 78/4947).  These plans also indicate that the old Craig’s Tower were demolished.

Plans dated 1904 show that the battery still retains the 9.2-inch guns, and on the left flank a pair of 4.7-inch Quick Fire guns . (TNA WO 78/4941).  No 7-inch RML emplacement is shown.

The Battery has now been completely lost to development.



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