Fort Charlotte

Posted on June 7, 2022 / 3
Listing Type : Coastal Fort
Location : Caribbean Sea

Fort Charlotte was built overlooking the harbour of Nassau.  It is comprised of the original Fort Charlotte, then two extensions, Fort Stanley and Fort D’Arcy.  There was also a detached Water Battery, and a substantial guard house to the east which was more like a blockhouse.

Fort Charlotte was built by Lord Dunmore between 1787 and 1819 a comprised to large bastions facing inland (north) and a smaller emplacement facing the harbour.  Fort Stanley was ‘T’ shaped and had additional guns facing the harbour.  Fort D’Arcy was adjacent to Fort Stanley and contained barracks and a main magazine.

To the east lay a detach Guard House which was very much like a detached blockhouse.

In 1859 the three forts of Fort Charlotte mounted the following guns:

  • Four 32-pdr guns
  • Nine 24-pdr guns
  • One 13-inch Mortar and One 10-inch Mortar

It was proposed that these guns be increased to:

  • Five 68-pdr guns
  • Fourteen 32-pdr guns
  • Eight 24-pdr guns
  • Five 8-inch Howitzers
  • One 13-inch Mortar and One 10-inch Mortar

From the guns still on site it would appear that at least some of the 68-pdr guns were delivered.

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