Ricochet Battery

Ascension Island
Posted on August 22, 2022 / 7
Listing Type : Coastal Battery
Location : Atlantic Islands

Fort Warren or Ricochet Battery is believed the battery to have been established by 1832 with two SB guns.  The gorge of the battery was protected by a wall, with the front raised above the shoreline.

Plans from 1829 (TNA MR 1.1771) show no battery at this position. It is marked as being a Lime Kiln with adjacent Turtle Pond.  The temporary hospital was built between on the shore adjacent to the hill with Fort Cockbourne (Thornton).  It is assumed that this was a battery was built about 1830 to cover Long Beach and Clarence Bay in the event of an enemy landing.

By 1874 the Ricochet Battery had been built but had no guns mounted at that time. One 64-pdr converted RML (71cwt) gun was mounted in the battery that year.  The battery had a masonry platform with wooden deck for the gun.  There was a small pounder magazine to the rear.

In 1882 suggestions were made to upgrade the gun to a 64-pdr RML gun but this was never done due to lack of funds.  The battery appears to have fall into disuse with the introduction of breach loading guns in 1893.

The remains of this battery are still apparent with the magazine surviving intact.  The middle of the battery is now full of sand and debris.

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