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Listing Type : Coaling Station
Location : Australia

Princess Royal Fortress at King George Sound, Australia was recommended by Sir William Jevois in 1878 as part of his survey of the Australian defences.  The British had largely withdrawn their regular troops from Australia in 1870, relying on the Australian states to fund and garrison the various defences.

The actual plans for the Fort were prepared by Major Peter Scratchley in 1881 and construction began in 1892.  The guns were in place the following year, having been brought from the United Kingdom.  A local Federal Garrison Artillery unit was formed under Captain James Hawker to garrison the Federal Fortress of King George Sound.  This force remained operational from 1893 until 1956.

Princess Royal fortification was split into three separate batteries:

The Upper Fort, Princess Royal Battery, Barracks and main magazine

Lower Fort, Plantagenet Battery at King’s Point

6-pdr QF Battery just to the west of Plantagenet Battery overlooking Princess Royal Harbour

Royal Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Defence of British Possessions and Commerce Abroad 1879 to 1883 under the Earl of Carnarvon, designated Albany as a Defended Commercial Port.

Albany was a designated coaling station but supplied Australian Coal which was not at highly regarded as the coal from South Wales.

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